Terms of use

Welcome to Web Hard Drive Service (the "Service"). The name of our service has changed from "Eee Storage Web Hard Drive Service" to " Web Hard Drive Service" from for all ASUS account users. To protect your right, please read through this agreement carefully. When you register or start using our Service, we assume that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms in this agreement. If you disagree any term in this agreement, or it is in conflict with the law in your country or region which exclude the effectiveness of a part of or all contents in this agreement, you should stop using our Service.

If you are under the age of 18, or are ruled as a minor based on your domestic law, your should have this agreement read by your parent or guardian and have his/her agreement before you can apply for and use our Service. When you start using our Service, we assume that your parent or guardian has read, understood and agreed to the terms in this agreement and the amendment of this agreement hereafter.

The Use of Service

For users who purchased ASUS products, please start the software in the product to activate your "Automated Account". For other users, please go to website to apply for 1G free storage. You will get your "Premium Account" after setting your account number, password and email address.

*Remarks: ASUS products vary with individual model and the program might not have been preloaded. Please register with the activation code on the right-bottom corner of the user manual located in the product pack.

  1. The Use of "Automated Account ": After you click "I Agree to Use This Service," the serial number, MAC address and UU ID of your ASUS product will be acquired, so you can activate you "Automated Account."
  2. The Use of "Premium Account": Please set up your personal account, password and e-mail on the web page.

The rights of an "Automatic account" are as follows :

  1. You can upload your files to and access your files on .
  2. You can enjoy the "Automatic Backup"function and retrieve your files backed up on .

The rights of a "Premium Account" are as follows:

You can access your files on by logging in to your account on computers other than ASUS products.

You can enjoy the "Automatic Backup"function and retrieve your files backed up from different computers to .

You can enjoy the"Sync”function to synchronize files among different computers.

You can share your files with designated people through the "Group Share" feature.

Service Period

If you are an ASUS user, service period refers to the time period of the free service for the ASUS product you bought plus the time period of the paid service you have selected. As free service periods and the storage space may vary with different ASUS product models, please visit Product Information for more information.

If you are not an ASUS user, the service period refers to your paid service period.

Service Fee

When you subscribe to the paid service, we will ask you to log in to your account with your Account ID and Password to confirm the subscription plan. Please go to Purchase for information on the paid account. Please also note the following items:

  1. Subscription plan should be prepaid in one lump sum for a one-year period.
  2. No refunds.
  3. Please contact Customer Services if you have selected a storage plan smaller than the original plan.

Changes to charging conditions will be published on our website and made known through e-mails to "Premium Account" members who provide e-mail addresses. We will then request our members to confirm the registration data and pay the charges in a specific period. If you do not pay the charges in the given time, we will assume that you give up your membership and will terminate the Service.

We have the right to add, change or cancel part of all of the related system(s) or function(s) in the Service at anytime. Any of the addition, deletion or change will come into effectiveness as announced on our website (), and we will make no individual notification to our members. You agree to be bound the amended terms upon announcement. You are assumed to agree to the amended terms if you continue to use the Service after announcement.

You acknowledge and agree that current and future functions and services of the Service are subject to the terms of this agreement.

Registration obligation - True Identity

You acknowledge and agree to provide accurate, true and complete personal information. In the event of changes in such information, please update with us immediately to maintain our records accurate, true and complete.

You acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to terminate your membership and your right to use our Service, if your registered data is unreal or do not match with your current data due to omission to update.

You acknowledge and agree that the ownership and other rights of the services you use as a member belong to our company and its respective owners; members may only use our Service as defined in this agreement, and may not rent, lend, transfer or allow partial or entire Service to any other person. You are liable for the damages to the rights of other people or any violation against the law if false identity or any personal data from others is used; you are also obligated to compensate for the damages thus caused to our company.

Service Suspension or Interruption

We may suspend or terminate partial or entire Service and bear no liability under the following circumstances:

  1. In case of moving, changing, testing or maintaining systems or facilities related to the Service.
  2. Suspension or interruption by causes which can not be attributed to eCareme.
  3. Suspension or termination due to acts of God.

Suspension or interruption of a part or all of the Service as a result of moving, changing, testing or maintaining systems or facilities related to our Service will be announced on our website.

In order to minimize the inconveniences, loss of data or money and time caused by suspension or interruption of our Service, please make sure that you take necessary preventive measures.

Termination of Service

Should it be necessary, the Company shall be able to terminate the service with 30 days advance notice posted on this website. E-mail notifications will be sent to "Premium Account" members who provide e-mail addresses. Please make sure that you backup your data frequently to protect your rights.

Member Obligations

In addition to the terms set forth in this agreement, you agree to comply with various regulations and conventions, and you may not :

  1. steal, tamper, damage or copy data from others.
  2. sell, distribute or re-distribute data from others.
  3. spread computer viruses or Trojans.
  4. upload, post, publish or transfer any defamatory, insulting, threatening, unlawful contents, messages, images or files in any form.
  5. capture or use any resource which is not formally authorized by the owner.
  6. infringe upon other people's intellectual property or other rights, or attempt such infringements.
  7. collect e-mail addresses and personal data from others without their consent.
  8. send, post or publish any false or misleading advertisement or other marketing, advertising document and file.
  9. any other behavior which hinders communications or violates law regulations, or behavior which may cause such incidents.
  10. sabotage or interfere with data, activities or functions provided by the Service, or invade, attempt to invade, sabotage, interfere with any system or function of the Service by any means, or engage in any violation or sabotage through our Service.

The above terms do not imply that we use any measure to censor contents (including but not limited to texts, images, audios, videos, software, information and other data) that you send, post or publish, nor guarantee contents' correctness, completeness, safety or reliability. You should bear in mind the above risks when viewing contents sent by other members.

If we acknowledge or are brought to attention of your violation of terms mentioned above or the situation where you are prone to violating the terms, we have the right to suspend your membership and the right to use the Service, in addition to deleting the content that violates the terms and taking necessary measures. You may notify eCareme for any objection.

Under the circumstances, you are fully liable to the violation to any of the above terms; if damages to other person are caused, eCareme should be free from liability.

Safeguarding Your Account and Password

You are obliged to keeping your account and password in safety. You should not reveal such information to any other person. You should be fully responsible for your account and password. Any behavior which is performed under your registered account is deemed the behavior by yourself, unless you have evidence to prove your account/password are stolen.

Account and password of the Service is limited to your personal use. You should not rent, lend, transfer or allow these information to be used by others.

If you find your account/password are stolen or exploited by others, you should notify eCareme so that we can take necessary measures. Any assistance provided by eCareme does not mean that eCareme are the liable or agrees to compensate your damage, whether explicitly or implicitly. You can not claim any liability to eCareme if your account/password are illegally used by others.

Restrictions & Responsibilities

You acknowledge and agree that the Service does not guarantee the correctness, completeness and safety of your stored data, nor does it guarantee the stability and quality of your network connection. You should backup the data by yourself. eCareme is not liable for any loss, error of emails, files and electrical records during transfer.

Before you use our Service to download files and other data, you should consider and evaluate the risks carefully. We are not liable for the damage or loss of data on your computer resulting from the incidents as mentioned above.

You acknowledge and agree that the Service may be interrupted, temporarily inaccessible, slow on speed, or encounter errors transferring data or saving files, due to the failure of network system or hardware infrastructure owned by eCareme, its affiliates or Internet service providers, or due to negligence in personnel, or that the Service may be invaded, falsified, forged by third party. You have fully understood the risks and possible damages, and should not claim any liability or compensation to eCareme.

The Use of Internet Information

Internet is an open network, and maintain by respective service providers. We are not responsible for the correctness, completeness, safety, reliability, appropriateness or stability of the data that you capture, nor should we guarantee the connection speed between you and eCareme. eCareme should not be help liable to any direct or indirect damage or loss caused by connection speed or the use of Internet information.

The right of any information on Internet belongs to its owner. You should adhere to the authorizations and other legal regulations, or should not use the information. Any violation and liability thus caused should be held against the violating party, not eCareme.

Reservation or Disclosure of Member Details

eCareme will disclose or maintain a backup copy of your personal data and the contents you have sent, posted or published under the following circumstances:

  1. For the need of investigation requested by judicial or police office.
  2. For the need of legal process requested by government agency or courthouse.
  3. Due to member behaviors against the law or against this agreement.
  4. In order to protect the benefits of public and the rights our company and the others.

Intellectual Property

Patents, copyrights, trademarks, business secrets, specific technologies and intellectual properties of the software, programs and contents (including but not limited to texts, descriptions, images, pictures, graphics, files, page designs, website structures and arrangements) provided on eCareme website and related websites are the properties of eCareme and respective owners. You may not reproduce, broadcast/play/screen in public, re-write, edit, rent, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or use these properties for other purposes without the written consents by eCareme or property holders. You bear the liability of violating the above mentioned terms, also the related legal responsibilities. You are also liable for compensating for the damage and loss of eCareme.

Violation of Law and This Agreement

If you are in violation with the law or any term of this agreement, eCareme may terminate or suspend your membership or your access to the Service, and take any necessary measure.

Addition, Amendment and Termination of Terms of Agreement

For the compliance with governing laws or due to other needs, eCareme may at any time add, amend or terminate terms of this agreement and regulations. Addition, amendment and termination on terms of service will become effective after announcement on our website; you are assumed to agree to the these terms if you continue to use our Service after the announcement.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The governing law of interpretation or application is the laws of Republic of China (Taiwan). Disputes between members and eCareme resulting from using of the Service should be settled by following the principle of good faith. Where litigation should be deemed necessary, both parties agree the Taipei District Court to be the principle instance court of competent jurisdiction. In addition, invalidility of any part of this agreement does not affect the effectiveness of other parts of this agreement.

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