ASUS WebStorage and Symantec jointly launch the "Cloud Data Security Protection of end user"
Dynamic update the account password at any time to enhanced data security in the cloud

With the fast growth of cloud services, cloud application-related data security requirements are getting stronger. ASUS Cloud Corporation, a subsidiary of AsusTeK Computer Inc., today (Jan 19th, 2011) jointly launches a One-Time Password (OTP) mechanism for its worldwide ASUS WebStorage cloud storage service with Symantec, the leading data security protection service provider. The newly launched service provides users with first-line protection in accessing cloud data maintained by cloud backup, sharing and synchronization services. Users of the ASUS WebStorage OTP service may get a ‘one-time’ dynamic password with their Smartphone for an easier usage experience and more affordable data security.

"Facing a cloud storage space filled with a huge database remains the most important task and the long devoted goal of ASUS Cloud is to provide users with secure cloud applications with easy-to-use security protection and management," Hen-Zhuang, Wu, Managing Director of ASUS Cloud says. "ASUS WebStorage not only provides consumer with simple and easy network space access and reliable backup service for retrieving data in the cloud by any networking devices anywhere anytime, but also proactively provides front-line protection. With the new ASUS WebStorage OTP services, users may get their one-time and dynamic login password with their cell phone for secure access to data in the cloud. This authentication mechanism is available to each and every consumer and realizes the cloud data security protection of the end user!"

"The rise of cloud computing brings users the convenience of accessing data from anywhere using different devices. This brings security challenges and organizations are looking to identity authentication to ensure the individual accessing the data is who they say they are,"said C.H. Wu, managing director of Symantec in Taiwan. "Cooperating with ASUS Cloud, Symantec is providing ASUS WebStorage users with VeriSign high-quality, secure identification and authentication services. The goal is to build trust and create a cloud environment with industry-leading security protection for network and data transmission."

Executive, Wei Wang of the Institute for Information Industry, indicates that based on his long-term observations on the future trend of global information industry and market, "Cloud storage services are of high potential as 90% of local users believe that it’s important to back up their data and more than 60% of them are willing to use networking space services. However, privacy and data loss are main concern to them when personal data are kept in an invisible network terminal. The launch of ASUS WebStorage OTP does reduce the risk of data loss while improving the safety of data access at the same time."

Working together with Symantec, the ASUS WebStorage OTP mechanism provides convenient and safe cloud data security protection. Without carrying other hardware, users are provided with a dynamic password updated every 30 seconds by combining the convenience of a cell phone. Unauthorized login can be prevented and data files kept in the ASUS WebStorage cloud are fully protected as every login is verified by a different password.