ASUS Cloud and 7-ELEVEN Jointly Create New
Printing Possibilities in Taiwan: the ASUS WebStorage Cloud Printing

Have you ever forgotten to bring important contracts with you right before meeting with the customer? Or when you need a hardcopy of an assignment that is due on the day but without printers around? Now, ASUS WebStorage offers a solution! The ASUS Webstorage allows transfer of files via PC or mobile phones through the cloud to connect with the ASUS WebStorage Cloud Printing Service, enabling you to print out documents wherever you go and whenever you want.

ASUS Cloud announces today to form alliance with 7-ELEVEN - the leading brand in retail industry and jointly entering into the cloud printing market. Effective from September 8th, the ASUS WebStorage Cloud Printing Service is launched; in particular, it leverages the existing functions of cloud backup, sharing and synchronizing in the ASUS WebStorage to combine with 7-ELEVEN, which owns the largest operating chain stores throughout Taiwan. The alliance breaks the hardware and regional restrictions to offer customers around-the-clock printing services and anywhere from the ASUS Webstorage, and creates a more user-friendly environment for cloud printing.

ASUS WebStorage Cloud Printing Service breaks the traditional printing method by using digital devices such as USB, or from a single printer, users can simply save their data or documents in the ASUS WebStorage cloud via hardware devices existing in a PC or Android mobile ahead for the printing now, and by accessing the cloud to browse their uploaded data on the ibon terminal interface located in the 7-ELEVEN, where it is connected to the cloud server; with a select on the desired images and data, and a click to get them all printed from the All-in-one multi-function printer beside the ibon. Compared to traditional printing services, the combination of cloud printing service and chain store together offer higher added-values to users to print freely wherever they go, and whenever they want.

Cloud printing has been enthusiastically developed in the market in recent years, through combination of virtual network space and the concrete retailing business, the cloud printing is thoroughly implemented and achieved by far in the easiest way. While cloud printing is still in its preparation path by many companies, ASUS Cloud takes the lead to carry out this conception into the reality daily lives by cooperating with 7-ELEVEN, the largest retailing channel business. In future, ASUS Cloud is expected to attract international collaboration partners who are of interested, and to share this successful experience in overseas markets for 3 million users worldwide to enjoy the convenient service of cloud printing applications.