All the files on the go

Bye bye USB! Your files on ASUS WebStorage are accessible anytime and anywhere.

Support to a variety of devices

ASUS WebStorage supports seven operating systems and four browsers to let any type of devices to access the files on it.

Easy backup and recovery

The backup function not only backs up all the data on your computer but also provides convenient one-key recovery.

Snap. And share to everywhere.

ASUS WebStorage automatically uploads all photos taken on your mobile device, and syncs these photos to every device you own instantly.

Smart keyword search

A keyword is all it takes to find the file that you need, so you can get to the right file quickly!

Personal cloud control center

An easily understandable, intuitive management interface to simultaneously control and stay on top of your ASUS WebStorage and many devices on which HomeCloud has been installed

Easy and instant sharing

There are different sharing modes to help immediately share photos, videos, and many other formats of files around the world.

Sharing from a link

Any photo, music, and video on ASUS WebStorage can be generated into a link for quick sharing.

Secure your sharing

The expiration date and password prevent what is shared by unauthorized individuals.

High efficiency of teamwork

No matter the project collaboration, travel plan, or group discussions are all centrally managed in the collaboration folder.

Group real-time communications

Any member of a group can add messages to any file in the collaboration folder, and the message will update to all your devices without losing any update.

Smart mobile entertainment

All the family files integrated by HomeCloud with support to multiple devices and rich sharing modes to strengthen family bonding

Home multimedia center

The PC at home can be quickly transformed into an extra-large storage space to store photos, videos, and any files.

Security for your personal files

Your personal files had better be kept at home to ensure no information leakage or security issue.

One account for two clouds

With one account, you can have both public cloud and private cloud at home to enjoy the convenience of multiple device synchronization and privacy protection.

Unbreakable information security

ASUS WebStorage has advanced information security facilities and technologies to ensure all its subscribers enjoy the most reliable cloud environment.

Keep your login record

All of your login records at any place and anytime are clearly recorded to help identify any account theft.

Smart version control

The document editing and modification can be immediately recovered on ASUS WebStorage.

Real-time online virus scan

Any file being uploaded is concurrently scanned for viruses, and any virus-infected file will be immediately quarantined and can no longer be downloaded or shared.

Convenient and rich applications

In addition to storage, ASUS WebStorage provides convenient and rich applications that are highly useful to daily life.

Paid only

Cloud file manager

Remote Drive of ASUS WebStorage is like extra hard disk space for you to easily manage your data on cloud.

Paid only

Big file transmission wizard

Outlook email attachments are automatically uploaded to cloud and sent as links to recipients to thoroughly do away with big file transmission failures.

For ASUS device owners only

Owners of ASUS devices with preinstalled ASUS WebStorage are entitled to more offerings and incentives.

Even larger storage space

Different cloud storage capacities for different preinstalled ASUS devices are provided free and all these free capacities are larger than imagination (Click here to download detailed information).

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