Connecting your digital life

Wherever there is internet connection, ASUS WebStorage can help you to retrieve your data to your notebooks, smartphones or tablets. Get FREE 5GB and experience your own cloud today!* If you sign up on ASUS preloaded devices, more free space will be provided to you. Please click here for the amount of free space provided to each preloaded device model.

      Keeping your file in the safest cloud space
    • Everything is securely saved on ASUS WebStorage. With 5GB cloud space you can throw everything on, files, photos, music, videos and lots more.
      A copy in the cloud; access on any devices
    • Leave the USB drives behind and let ASUS WebStorage sync your up-to-date files to all your devices so that you can enjoy the mobility without burden. Moreover, your files stay up to date no matter how many times you edit them.
      Convenient sharing is readily available anytime
    • ASUS WebStorage provides many ways of easy sharing of photos, videos, and other file

ASUS WebStorage in your life

ASUS WebStorage fulfills your digital life no matter where you are.

Use your mobile devices to take photos of meeting notes and such notes will be automatically and immediately uploaded to ASUS WebStorage.

Upload your pet photos to ASUS WebStorage for viewing anytime, anywhere, and on any devices.

It does not matter much even if you lose your laptop because one single click will have all your information stored back to ASUS WebStorage recovered onto your device.

Sharing that memorable video with a faraway family member is only a few clicks away.

Keeping your files synced and updated no matter you are at school or home.

Invite your travel mates to join ASUS WebStorage, so that they are also able to upload photos to and download photos from ASUS WebStorage.

SuperNote Pro helps you create your travelogues, photos, videos, audios, or hand sketches, it integrates and synchronized with the cloud and to all your devices.

A keyword is all it takes to find the file that you need, so you can get to the right file quickly!

When any inspiration occurs to you, pick up your smart phone and tap MyBitCast – a post-it note app – to immediately upload the great idea to ASUS WebStorage.