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Remote Drive

A hard disk extension as well as File Manager on cloud.

It is the smartest way of file management.


Unlimitedly expandable hard disk space

Remote Drive is like your extra hard disk space for you to freely access your data on cloud in the File Manager interface, and such data do not take any space on your devices. Remote Drive also can be easily expanded when extra space is required.

Cross-space file movement that facilitates file management

It is very easy for you manage your files and move them to anywhere you want because of cross-space file movement enabled by Remote Drive in conjunction with the web interface of ASUS WebStorage.

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Cloud Connect for Office

Bridging Microsoft Office with ASUS Cloud.

Direct editing or newing office documents from ASUS Cloud. It also lets you save right back to where it came from.


Opening, editing, and saving all Microsoft Office documents in no time

Cloud Connect for Office easily opens your files on cloud for editing and storage directly in the Microsoft Office environment. The files being edited can directly be saved on cloud, and everything can be done without leaving the Microsoft Office interface that you are familiar with.

Sharing plus encryption for best protection of documents

Saved files can be shared by share link while encryption by password and limit download expiration date ensures the best protection of confidential documents.

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Cloud Connect for Outlook

Bridging Microsoft Outlook with ASUS Cloud

Increase Productivity – Eliminate stressing over the inability to send emails with large attachments.


Solution for sending large attachments

In the past, the only way to send large attachments via email is through FTP ,split the file into multiple smaller files. With Cloud Connect for Outlook, attachments of all sizes can be sent with ease.

Solving the problem of "Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit" in Microsoft Outlook

Please select the problem you encountered in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013. We will redirect you to Microsoft Support website.

Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2013

Double protections for attachments

In order to increase the level of security for attachments, Cloud Connect for Outlook has two security mechanisms, set a share link with password encryption and expiration date, in place.

Automatically Backup to Cloud

Attachments of all formats and sizes are automatically backed up to Cloud in an effort to free up precious inbox storage. Files backed up to ASUS WebStorage can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere.